Canon Professional Services

Canon Professional Services (CPS) Membership

These terms and conditions apply to CPS membership and use of any CPS membership benefits as set out herein. Canon may update these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. You should review the current terms and conditions periodically by visiting your CPS account online or by requesting a copy of the current terms from the CPS Membership admin team.


1. What is CPS Membership?
  1.1. Membership of Canon Professional Services provides you, as an owner of professional Canon photo or video equipment, with benefits such as enhanced repair and loan facilities provided by Canon's own specialist repair centres or service facilities that have been authorised by Canon to provide CPS services, appointed direct connection with a dedicated CPS representative within Canon, additional and exclusive information about Canon photo video products and services, invitation to member’s social events around the EMEA region, direct access to Canon representation on major Canon marketing events and direct access to CPN.
  1.2. For any queries in relation to CPS Membership in general or your membership specifically, please contact the CPS Membership Administration Team at

2. How to qualify and register as a CPS Member
  2.1 CPS membership is available to individuals over the age of 18 who own and register qualifying professional Canon Qualifying Equipment.
  2.2 Corporate membership may be available to companies or organisations, who would like to register multiple individuals under one CPS Corporate Membership. To do this, simply contact the CPS Membership Administration team at or contact your local CPS professional representative.
  2.3  There are currently three levels of CPS Photo Membership available; silver, gold and platinum - and one level of CPS Video Membership. Membership levels depend solely on the Canon photo and video equipment owned and registered by you. For more information on what equipment qualifies for each of these three levels go to
  2.4 Registration for CPS Membership is easy: simply register your details and the products you own online through  By registering, you give your explicit consent to Canon or Canon's service provider as data processor or controller to use your personal data in order to provide you with the CPS membership and services contemplated hereunder. You also give your consent for Canon or Canon's service provider to transfer your personal data from one source or system to another where necessary to administer your CPS account and provide CPS membership.
  2.5 Your CPS Membership is annual and valid only to the 31st of December of the year of registration. CPS Membership requires renewal every year on the 1st of January. You will receive an invitation to renew your membership towards the end of each year. For new CPS Memberships registered in November & December, the membership will be valid to the 31st of December of the following year.

  2.6 Your membership account must be held in your own name and should be registered to your permanent address, which can be used by Canon to communicate with you. You will be responsible for registering correct and accurate information for membership communications.

  2.7 You must ensure that your CPS profile is updated with any changes to your registered equipment or to personal information through the CPS Members site online at CPS service is only offered on registered items. Non-registered items will be treated as standard non-cps service items.
  2.8 Canon reserves the right to refuse membership at any time without giving any reason.

3. CPS Membership Level
  3.1 Your CPS Membership level will depend on the Canon equipment you own and register. The minimum status level and quantity of equipment required for Video and each level of Photo Membership are set out in Clause 3.3.
  3.2 The current list of the products which qualify under CPS Membership and their CPS status level can be found at
. Only equipment listed as qualifying within the CPS membership program will count towards membership status.
  3.3 Minimum equipment requirements for each status level:

CPS Membership

Qualifying bodies

Qualifying lenses













    Equipment must be registered to qualify. It is important to note that qualifying equipment is different for each status level. Please go to this link,, which lists the qualifying models for each status level.

  3.4 The list of qualifying equipment and the associated status level of that equipment will be updated from time to time and Canon reserves the right to change both the membership requirements and status level at any time without notice. You should periodically review the list of equipment and status levels available at
  3.5 In the event that changes are made to the list of qualifying equipment during the course of a year, any new list will apply to new registrations or renewals made after the date of publication and only those changes which may promote the status of a member will apply for any membership already granted for the remainder of that year (i.e. a registered member cannot be demoted during the course of the membership year).
  3.6 The list of qualifying equipment published at the date of registration will be valid for that membership (subject to the exception above) and the list published at the date of renewal will be valid for the following year's membership. Please ensure you check the latest published list when registering and renewing membership.

4. CPS Membership - Benefits
  4.1 The repair and loan of back-up equipment benefits are currently available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. If a CPS member from any other non-listed country visits a CPS country which operates repair benefits, they may be entitled to have their registered equipment repaired in the applicable turnaround time according to their membership level (silver, gold or platinum). Any such repair will be at the discretion repair facility and subject to capacity.

5. Use of CPS Membership
  5.1 Repair Services:
    5.1.1 To utilise the CPS membership repair or maintenance services simply send your equipment to your local CPS authorised service facility, enclosing a completed CPS Repair Form, detailing your request, your name, CPS membership number and CPS membership status and affixing a CPS identification sticker (issued to you on registration) in a clearly visible position on the outside packaging any item you send. In the case of warranty repair, please include a copy of the warranty documentation.
    5.1.2 Only Canon and those service facilities authorised by Canon to perform CPS services can be used for repairs under your CPS Membership.
  5.2 Loan of Back-Up Equipment:
    5.2.1 If your membership entitles you to the loan of back-up equipment when having your equipment repaired or serviced, your local Canon or CPS authorised service facility will contact you in the event that the target turnaround time cannot be met in order to make arrangements directly.
    5.2.2 All equipment loaned under this provision is provided strictly on the basis of Canon's standard terms of loan provided with the loan equipment, which you will be deemed to have accepted if you accept a loan through your CPS membership.
    5.2.3 Loaned back-up equipment can be delivered to any address requested within the CPS participating countries by arrangement with your local facility and may also be available for collection on request.
    5.2.4 It is your obligation to return the loan equipment within 5 days of the return of your own equipment to the address stipulated by Canon or the CPS facility that supplied the back-up equipment (unless otherwise agreed with Canon in writing).
    5.2.5 You must ensure that each and every item loaned is returned in the same condition as supplied and you are responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any equipment on loan to you and may be required to reimburse Canon for repair or replacement. You are advised to consider taking out suitable insurance to cover any equipment on loan to you.
    5.2.6 Canon disclaims and excludes all liability in respect of any equipment loaned to you to the maximum extent permitted by law.

6. Cancellation of Membership by Member
  6.1 You are entitled to cancel your CPS Membership at any time and can do so by providing written notification to the CPS Membership admin team via the website, by email, by way of post or by using the ‘Cancel Membership’ function in your CPS profile (see Clause 1 for details).
  6.2 On cancellation of your membership, your account will be deactivated, please ensure you return or destroy your membership card. You will no longer be entitled to any of the benefits offered through CPS membership and will no longer be able to access your CPS account.
  6.3 It is not possible to reinstate a CPS membership once it has been cancelled. However, if you wish to re-join at any time, you can simply register as a new member as detailed above.

7. Termination of Membership by Canon
  7.1 Your CPS membership may be terminated immediately by Canon if you are in breach of these terms and conditions, or if, at the absolute discretion of Canon, you are found to have been using your membership and/or the services offered hereunder in a manner deemed inappropriate by Canon at any time.
  7.2 In addition, Canon reserves the right to cancel any membership in its absolute discretion should it be deemed necessary or appropriate in which case, you will be provided with 2 months written notification of the date your membership will be deemed terminated.
  7.3 In the event that changes are made to the list of qualifying equipment during the course of the year, any change that would result in a demotion of membership status for an already granted membership will not apply for the remainder of that year but will apply on renewal of membership and to all registrations made after the date of publication.


8. Miscellaneous
  8.1 All queries and complaints relating to CPS membership should be addressed to the CPS Membership admin team at

  8.2 All personal data held about you in relation to your CPS membership, will be used by us to administer your membership and provide you with the CPS services offered. As such, your information may be used by third parties authorised by Canon to provide any such services.
  8.3 In addition, information about you and your membership may be used by Canon to review your use of the CPS services and/or to review, develop and improve our services, products and offers and/or for internal market research and statistical analysis. Canon and any third party authorised in relation to CPS services may contact you by post and/or email and/or telephone using the details you register in connection with your CPS Membership and in relation to any promotional mailings or offers.
  8.4 If you wish to change your marketing preferences at any time please amend your CPS membership profile online or use the link provided in all marketing email communications. Full details of our current data protection policy are can be found here and can be requested in hard copy by contacting the CPS Membership admin team.
  8.5 Canon reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time including, without limitation, details of the qualifying equipment, membership levels and benefits and may implement changes or updates from time to time without notice to you and as such you should review the CPS website periodically. However, Canon will endeavour to communicate and highlight any major changes to the terms.
  8.6 CPS Membership can only be attained, held and used as set out in these terms and conditions. Any other use, award, sale, exchange or transfer of membership, or any attempt to do so, is a serious breach of these terms and conditions. Any membership not held in accordance with these terms and conditions will be invalid, cannot be redeemed for benefits and may be terminated.
  8.7 If any term or condition is not strictly applied or adhered to by Canon at any time, it shall not prevent Canon from choosing to strictly apply that term or condition or any other term or condition at any other time.
  8.8 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of South Africa and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.
  8.9 CPS Membership is offered to you by Canon South Africa Limited ( through Canon South Africa (Pty) Ltd, whose registered address is 1st Floor, Block C, Southdowns Office Park, Karee Street, P.O. Box 68497, Highveld Park, South Africa.